Mr Nduna Nelson Mabobo is one of the community leaders whose passion to serve was acknowledged with a gold trophy and a diploma during the ceremony held at Waterval Community Hall on Saturday 17 December. Photo: Thembi Siaga.

Awards for Elim's 'unsung heroes'


Nduna Nelson Mabobo is one of Elim’s unsung heroes, but at last he has received recognition for his efforts to create a better environment for all. Mabobo received the trophy for Citizen of the Year 2022 during an award ceremony held at Waterval Community Hall on Saturday, 17 December.

The ceremony was organised by the Elim Community Award initiative, and 144 residents from Elim and the surrounding areas were nominated in the various categories.

Mabobo is one of the community leaders whose devotion to service was recognised with a gold trophy and a certificate. “I feel very blessed as it is my first time to be recognised for my work which I’ve been doing since I was elected to be the headman in 2001. My efforts to make this happen would not have been effective without the support from the entire community,” he said.

Among the projects that Mabobo initiated, was the Mabobo Village Development programme. This was launched a few years ago to provide villages with many indigent residents with funeral, wedding, and celebration equipment.

“I came up with the idea to request residents to pay a monthly fee of R100 to buy equipment such as tents, chairs, pots and so on. This was after I saw them struggling during hard times such as funerals,” he said.

Nduna Maboho was chosen from 32 nominees in his category. In total, 32 categories - such as for the best community builder, the best catering events, the best educational initiative and many more – received nominations. The awards ceremony was sponsored by Limpopo Home Cinema, Elimites Brotherhood Funkyrich and many more.

The Elim Community Award project was established three months ago by Tlangelani Hlongwane, with the goal of acknowledging exceptional community members and recognising their efforts to create a better society.

“It shows approval and gratitude for each person’s good job, and it makes people aware that good work will be rewarded. Moreover, it shows others, such as the general public and other staff members, that you're aware of outstanding accomplishments,” she said.



Date:23 December 2022

By: Thembi Siaga

Thembi Siaga started as an intern during 2021. He assisted with video photography and editing. He also produced numerous small documentaries, focusing on the Vhembe region and its people. Currently he works as a freelance journalist, covering stories in the Elim area.

Thembi studied at the Tshwane University of Technology, where he completed his diploma in Journalism in 2021.

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