Thovhele Kennedy Midiyavhathu Tshivhase, surrounded by traditional leaders from the Tshivhase Dynasty during the Easter Season Road Safety Awareness Campaign that was held at Khubvi village on Monday. Photo: Victor Mukwevho.

No more taverns next to main roads, please!


Thovhele Vho Kennedy Midiyavhathu Tshivhase has urged the government not to permit businesspeople to establish taverns next to main roads, citing the risk of drunk individuals’ endangering themselves and others while attempting to cross these roads. Speaking during the Easter Season Road Safety Awareness Campaign held at Khubvi village on Monday, Thovhele Tshivhase highlighted the concerning sight of intoxicated young people wandering onto the roads in the early hours of the morning.

“I am therefore appealing to the government not to grant liquor licenses to businesses situated next to the main roads,” he stated. Thovhele Tshivhase also urged all of his 79 traditional leaders not to engage in drinking publicly, as this behaviour could encourage their subjects to follow suit.

“I am also calling on the police to apprehend traditional leaders found on the wrong side of the law. If I discover any of them breaking the law, I will personally request the police to arrest them. As traditional leaders, we are not exempt from the law, and we must set an example,” he added. He noted the presence of three major taverns next to the main road in Khubvi village alone.

The executive mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality, Freda Nkondo, echoed Thovhele Tshivhase’s call to refrain from establishing taverns near main roads. “We will address this issue with the relevant authorities,” she assured. She further cautioned all drivers in the Vhembe District against drinking and driving during the Easter holidays and at any time within the province.

“Never take a risk in the Vhembe District, because you will be apprehended. I urge all of you to drive safely and arrive at your destinations without incident. Let’s return from the Easter holidays safely and continue our diligent efforts to develop our district,” she concluded.



Date:30 March 2024

By: Victor Mukwevho

Victor Mukwevho Ne-vumbani joined the Mirror during it's inception in 1990. He joined the SABC newsroom in 1995, and was known by  listeners as "A u fhedzisela ari". He was a news editor for The Tembisan Newspaper from 2007 to 2015. He rejoined the Limpopo Mirror newspaper in June 2022 as a freelance journalist.

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