A screenshot of the 20-year-old Sungu Khosa in the new Chicken Licken advertisement. Photo supplied.

Former Triegie’s acting career taking off


Former Triegie Sungu Khosa's acting career is really taking off. Most recently, he starred in the latest Chicken Licken television advertisement.

The 20-year-old Khosa set off to study at Wits University in Johannesburg shortly after matriculating from Louis Trichardt High School in 2021. However, he kept pursuing his love of acting, stating that it felt natural, like some people feel about sports. He found it to be a great getaway from the books.

Sungu decided to sign with Boss Models as getting acting auditions without an agent is nearly impossible. This landed him his first job in the industry in an online campaign for Cadbury, which felt like the biggest thing that had ever happened to him at the time. A few months passed, and with encouragement from one of his friends, Xander Venter, also a former Triegie, Sungu got the role to play the "Beast" in Ever After Productions' upcoming rendition of Beauty and the Beast the musical, opening on 18 April. With this happening, Sungu thought that this event would be the biggest thing to happen to him.

On 27 February, however, Sungu received an email from his agent, informing him that he would be starring in the latest advert for Chicken Licken - another one of the highlights of his acting career. Click here to watch advertisement

For someone who has been in the industry for such a short amount of time, Sungu has met quite a few well-known actors. These include his co-star in the Chicken Licken advert, Lemogang Tsipa, who recently starred as Shaka Zulu in "Shaka Ilembe" on Showmax. The television soapie star Thulani Kubheka and the rest of the cast of the Chicken Licken advert "were the opposite of the preppy, nose-up people you would expect such stars to be," Sungu stated. He also added that this was one of the most inspiring experiences he had ever had.

Sungu said he understood that, in the grand scheme of things, this might not seem like a big deal. To him, however, the ride has been like a rollercoaster, and he is going to enjoy it while it lasts as they do not last forever in the entertainment industry. "I feel blessed to be afforded these opportunities, and if fate wants it, I would more than love to work in the arts forever; it would be a dream that I'm cautiously optimistic about coming true," he said.



Date:12 April 2024

By: Karla van Zyl

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