The late Livhuwani Rananga’s parents and her twin sister, Lufuno Rananga, at home on Saturday. From left are Ms Francina Rananga, Mr Calvin Rananga and Lufuno.

Parents of murdered woman don't believe suspect acted alone


The parents of a 38-year-old woman whose body was found on the banks of Mudaswali River last Tuesday say they refuse to believe that their daughter was beaten to death by the suspect that the police have arrested.

According to the statement from the police, they arrested a man in connection with the death of Livhuwani Rananga. The suspect allegedly beat Rananga to death, using his fists. The suspect then allegedly carried the body from the murder scene and hid it on the banks of Mudaswali River. In a statement, the police say that the suspect led them to the place where the body was found.

But her parents, Mr Calvin Rananga and his wife Francina, said Livhuwani Rananga had been a street fighter and there was no way that the arrested suspect could have beaten her with his fists, let alone carried her body.

During an interview with Limpopo Mirror at their house at Matangari village on Saturday afternoon (17th), Ms Francina Rananga said that the arrested suspect would not have been able to overpower her daughter.

“Very few men in our village could beat her in a fistfight. She was a street fighter. She feared no one. I know the suspect very well. He is one of the weakling boys in the village. I have no doubt in my mind that he was not alone when killing my daughter,” she said. She added that her daughter’s body had been found more than five kilometres from their home.

“That boy cannot even carry my late daughter’s body for ten metres. He must tell us what happened to my daughter. I also want to know what he was doing with my daughter before the incident because he is also too young to be her boyfriend. I am heartbroken,” she said.

Her twin sister, Lufuno Rananga, concurred with the mother, saying more questions existed to be asked than answers in the killing of her sister. “My sister was not even close to the suspect. What is hurting me most is that police are not even updating us on the case. We don’t even know when the suspect is going to appear in court. It is like the suspect killed an animal,” she said.

Meanwhile, the SAPS’s acting communication spokesperson for the Vhembe District, Sergeant Vuledzani Dathi, said that the suspect, Titus Munyai, had appeared in court in connection with the murder last week.



Date:22 December 2022


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