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Headlines this year

Rofhiwa o anḓadza aḽibamu yawe ya vhuvhili.

Tshivenda News: 01 December 2023 By Maanda Bele

Ramuzika wa muzika wa rege na gospel Rofhiwa Nethwadzi o anḓadza aḽibamu yawe ya vhuvhili ye yavha yo lindelwa nga vhanzhi, ine ya vhidzwa Ndi nne onoula nga Mugivhela wa ḽa fumbili-ṱhanu Ḽara. Aḽibamu iyo ina nyimbo dza fumi-raru, na mbili dza u inga nga nṱha. Rofhiwa ane avha na minwaha ya furaru-raru o bebwa kusini kwa Tshiheni, he a fhedza o pfulutshela Tshirenzheni, ngei Nzhelele. Zwa muzika khae ndi zwine a ita nga tshifhinga tsha uḓi mbvumbvusa sa izwi a tshi shuma kha muhasho wa mulayo sa Paralegal vunḓuni ḽa Gauteng.

Munna o nuvhela damuni ḽa Nandoni.

Tshivenda News: 01 December 2023 By Khathutshelo Raliphaswa

Uvha hone ha mufhiso wo kalulaho kha zwipiḓa zwinzhi zwa shango, ho katelwa na vhupo ha Vhembe, vhathu vhanzhi vha khou vhonala vha khouya madamuni na milamboni u fhungudza mufhiso zwine zwavha nḓila dzo ḓoweleaho, zwihulu kha vhupo ha mahayani.

Young Santos and Berea in Mafhungwana last-16 clash

Sport: 01 December 2023 By Frank Mavhungu

The last-16-round matches of the Mafhungwana Soccer Tournament will be played at two different venues this Saturday. Four matches will be played at the Khubvi Benjie’s Grounds, while the other four will be played at the Tshivhilwi Tshiberetheni Grounds.

Random shooter kills Dopeni man

News: 01 December 2023 By Maanda Bele

The Chauke family from Dopeni village, Nzhelele, is grappling with unanswered questions after one of their sons was killed on Friday, 17 November, when a man randomly showed up at their home and started shooting at them.

Headlines last year

Young fans inspire Sho Madjozi's children's book

Entertainment: 24 December 2022 By Thembi Siaga

Internationally acclaimed singer and performer Sho Madjozi showed the depth of her artistic ability by writing a children’s book. The beautifully illustrated book, Shoma and The Stars, was released early in December.

More women should look at becoming farmers

News: 24 December 2022 By Bernard Chiguvare

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Edith Magwira decided to venture into crop farming on a small piece of land that she was offered by a local school in Musina. This despite her studying for financial management at a local TVET college.z

Boxing tournament promises to be a real humdinger

Sport: 24 December 2022

Sparks are expected to fly when the hard-hitting Rofhiwa Maphupha meets the sensational Jansen Mudzanani in the ring for the Boxing Extravaganza Tournament to be held at the Thohoyandou Town Hall on Monday, 26 December.

Local runners struggle due to lack of financial support

Sport: 23 December 2022 By Thembi Siaga

For most athletes, competing in events such as the Olympics is the pinnacle of success, yet many, especially those from rural areas, suffer from the financial burden of getting there. Acclaimed Olympic athletes such as Lutendo Mapoto, Peter Muthubi, and Lucas Nonyana say that, without competitions to help them along financially, they feel the squeeze of getting by, and competing in competitions requires funding.

Successful poetry and literary calabash event

Entertainment: 23 December 2022 By Elmon Tshikhudo

At first the event seemed doomed, and some had crafted its obituary. But, as the saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”, and the poetry and literary calabash went on to be a roaring success.

Most read articles this year

Wife of comedian SABC Livhu found dead

News: 28 January 2023 By Maanda Bele

The police have confirmed rumours that the wife of popular comedian, Livhuwani Madadzhe, popularly known as SABC Livhu, was found dead this morning at their home in Ha-Sidou.

Update: Bloody shootout leaves 18 suspected cash-in-transit robbers dead

News: 01 September 2023

The quiet suburb of Eltivillas in Louis Trichardt resembled a war zone this afternoon (1 September) as police and suspected cash-in-transit robbers exchanged gunfire. The shootout ended in the deaths of eighteen suspects. It is not known whether any police officers were also fatally wounded in the shootout.

'Release me so that I can bury my wife.'

News: 30 January 2023 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Dramatic scenes unfolded at the Thohoyandou magistrate court when celebrity comedian Livhuwani Madadzhe, better known as SABC Livhu, burst out in tears and pleaded with the court to grant him bail so that he can go and bury his wife.

Most read articles last year

'Izinyoka' beaten to death at Mpheni D2

News: 15 December 2022 By Thembi Siaga

A Zimbabwean man was beaten to death after he was allegedly caught stealing copper cables at Mpheni D2 (Vhutuwangadzebu) last Friday (9 December). The unknown man was said to have been terrorising the community for some time, repeatedly stealing electrical cables that they were forced to replace out of their own pockets.

Toni tries to dodge VBS debt

News: 13 May 2022 By Anton van Zyl

The former acting king of the Vhavenda, Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, is seemingly not going to be let off the hook, and his VBS Mutual Bank debt is not about to disappear. Judging by papers filed in the High Court by the bank’s liquidator, the debt amounting to more than R15,6 million that Mphephu and his Dzata Trust had incurred, will have to be repaid.

Well-known Louis Trichardt businessman dies in horror crash

News: 26 August 2022 By Andries van Zyl

Residents of Louis Trichardt learnt with great sadness of the sudden death of well-known local businessman Mr Abubakr Akoo. The 41-year-old Abubakr died tragically in a gruesome vehicle accident in the notorious Kranspoort Pass on the N11 road near Middelburg on Thursday morning.

Maniini businessman kills wife, then shoots himself

News: 30 June 2022 By Silas Nduvheni

Barely a week after Deputy Minister of Police Cassel Mathale, the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) and DC Academy launched the Gender-based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) campaign in Thohoyandou (18 June), yet another couple died in what appears to be a case of domestic violence.